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Jenn George

Guardians of the Codes’ Representative, Writer & Founder,
Scalar Waves’ Advanced Technology Codes Transmitter & Conduit, Speaker in Tongues,
5D Living Lifestyle (former corporate’s) Financial Analyst… among others.

Let us ALL start LIVING by DESIGN in 5D (& beyond) and not by default.

Everything is filled with & encoded in LoVe (9)

Dear Guardians of The Codes


May the flames grow brighter and brighter within us. May the love shine within and around us. May each door open the path of abundant joy. May peace and harmony surround you. Thank you for being here on Earth.


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The Fiery Gate of Egypt

5ive months mission on The Fiery Gate of Egypt Calling all cosmic family who remember the lifetimes in ancient Egypt, Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Greece, Atlantis and other ancient civilizations. You have perhaps aspects of certain gods, goddesses, deities, pharaos, kings, queens, commoners or something else and you want to be released from all these entrapments and imprisonments.In April 2023, we are starting our five months … [Read More...] about The Fiery Gate of Egypt

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